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What’s up?!  I’m Nirakar — A teacher, writer, photographer, and traveller who’s goal is Inspiring people to step outside their norm and experience this wonderful world we all call home.  Want to know more? Check it out!

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How To Travel Nepal By Motorcycle: The Perfect Day In Pokhara

How to travel Nepal by motorcycle:  The Perfect Day In Pokhara You're traveling in Nepal, and made it to the tourist mecca outside Kathmandu, the wonderful city of Pokhara.  This bustling little city, settled beneath the foot of the Annapurnas and accompanied with...

How To Travel Nepal by Motorcycle: Temples Within Kathmandu

How To Travel Nepal By Motorcycle: Temples Within Kathmandu If you're beginning Day two of the motorcycling then you'll be leaving from Nagarkot and heading towards Kathmandu.  No matter where you start here is your guide on how to travel Nepal by motorcycle and visit...

How To Travel Nepal by Motorcycle: Around Kathmandu

How To Travel Nepal by Motorcycle: Around Kathmandu Want to have the perfect day around Kathmandu with a motorcycle? You love the open road?  The wind in your face, the smells of the open air caressing your nostrils.  How about navigating unmarked roads, side streets...

Where has the time gone? Nepal is coming to an end…

Where has the time gone?  Nepal is coming to an end... Okay, okay, okay… I know, I have been slacking in the update department on the blog.  I am aware.  Honestly, it is because 1.) Have been trekking for nearly a month without a laptop, and without sufficient wifi…...

You May Call It Work, I Call It Building A Dream

Acclimatizing in Manang for a much needed day of rest allows me to lay, basked in sunlight, listening to the wind blow through the cliff faces that surround this quiet little village in the Central Annapurna region of Nepal. "I don't know whether it's the exposure to...



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