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(ram·ble) (noun): walk for pleasure, typically without a definite route. (verb):talk or write at length in an inconsequential way.
*Perfect combination to describe my adventure.  Go walk about, and to talk and write at length.


“I am a passionately curious high school math teacher who found something I ‘can’t not do.’”

I supposed since you’re reading this you’d like to know a little more about me, The Rambling Wayfarer.

I love people.  I love Culture.  I love whiskey and sunrises;  Photography, and moments that make me forget about what an awesome story it’s going to make.  I am a people addict.  I am a travel addict.

I am afflicted with the insatiable desire to experience people and their cultures, so I am selling my things, placing my dog with a loving family member, stuffing everything I need into a pack and setting off to begin my adventure. I did the whole School-College-Move away to Alaska for a career-Come home from Alaska-Get career again thing, and I found myself wanting.

I am a passionately curious high school math teacher who found something I ‘can’t not do.’  In September 2015 I was searching around the internet and stumbled on to Matt Karsten’s website Expertvagabond and his amazing around the world adventures.  Inspired, I kept searching and landed upon a site, LiveYourLegend, and my mind was made up.  I knew what it was.  I knew the timing, money, and career path, as well as, my family abroad provided me with something I ‘can’t not do.’  Instead of quitting my job I applied for a year long sabbatical, and it was approved!   Thanks to the administration at Bowling Green Schools with their unfaltering commitment to the growth of the their staff, both professionally and personally, I can bring my around the world experience back to the classroom and school.


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